Essential Oils AAA For the Body, Mind and Spirit!


Essential Oil AAA – was created for me by my husband Jack. I am a cancer survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  After chemotherapy and radiation I found that any perfumes, incense, cleaning products, or any chemical would give me terrible headaches, normally the next day.  The headache feels like I am being hit on the head, thankfully it last only a few minutes.

I don’t remember why I decided try essential oils and take a chance that it would give me headaches.  To my surprise it didn’t and I loved the aroma of the oils.  I can’t get enough of them even after all these years.  Also, I can always smell the oils on my skin every time I apply them, for a while.  Unlike perfumes that after a while I could no longer smell them.

She now uses them through out the day with roll-ons, diffusers, moisturizing oils, as mist sprays which have a calming effect and cleaning products.  She says using them keeps her in a happy state, she loves them!  Green cleaning the house with essential oils while staying chemical free was very important to us and the house smells amazing.  This is why this blog is dedicated to Green Cleaning.

These highly concentrated oils give a strong aroma and are non toxic for the environment, invigorating the senses with this natural fragrance for the body, mind and spirit, while we clean.  She loves the experience these oils give her once they hit her senses each and every time, never getting old.

Essential oils helped reduce Zara’s anxiety, calming irritated skin, soothing sore muscles, and senses with the aromas, helping with sleep.   She also used the essential oils with her carrier oils like olive oil, coconut oil,  jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grape-seed oil, black-seed oil organ oil, fractionated coconut oil and others for softening the skin.  She began mixing the essential oils with body oils, in the shampoos. Started also making her own  deodorant, lip balms, linen sprays, and green cleaning our home.


People want to hear about things that will enrich their lives and essential oils is one of those things.

Green cleaning is part of our daily lives and doing it chemical free is the way to go.  Not only disinfectant but also magnificent aromas!

These oils will benefit people as much as it has us, it may truly make a difference and it may come as a big surprise as well.


Our goal is to share our story with others about the potential of essential oils, their properties and wonderful fragrances. No more chemicals when we clean just green cleaning.

Zara’s early retirement was unexpected due to 2nd effects of chemotherapy and radiation amongst other things SVT (Super Ventricular Taquicardia) and Lyphedema on her Leg.  She has been making Peppermint roll-ons for friends and family.  My hope is for her to continue and develope this blog with her love and experience for essential oils.

Though essential oils have tremendous benefits, we must use them with a certain degree of caution. Essential oils require a certain amount of dilution with carrier oils or else they may burn the skin, test in a small area.  If pregnant consult doctor before use and keep out of reach of our children and our beloved pets.

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4 thoughts on “Essential Oils AAA For the Body, Mind and Spirit!

  1. You are such an inspiration! You are such an inspiring couple and tackling the problem as a team is so heart warming. I love it and am very excited you found something that would not give you headaches when cleaning. This is awesome!

    Cleaning chemical-free sounds totally amazing. As I was reading this, I can imagine just how wonderful your house smells (and how much better you feel). I know from some research that I do, just how essential oils can increase your mood. I will definitely keep these cleaning recipes in mind for the future. Your site looks very nice. Keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,

    • Thank you Yvette for your kind words we greatly appreciate them! Yes my home always smells of essential oils in one way or another. Essential oils fo increase my mood, every time. And I don’t get tired of the aromas they always smell new and refreshing every time, and very relaxing!

      Glad you like my sight I hope to continue expanding on more blogs on essential oils, but for now I need to launch this one. I appreciate your comments! Thanks again!

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